Every business needs to make itself known to the public. In the digital age, everyone focuses on marketing via the internet. Using flyers for business seems like a forgotten practice at a first glance. Well, contrary to what you might think, flyers are still amongst the most popular ways of promoting your business.

Despite being one of the oldest methods of marketing, people still use flyers to advertise a business. Print marketing provides a rest from typical digital media commercials and thus are considered to be rather effective. Also, according to various studies, a lot of people still rely on print marketing to finalize their shopping decision.

When you use flyers for business, you will avoid the growing competition that is on digital media nowadays. Here are some reasons why you should use flyers to advertise a business.

6 Reasons to Use Flyers to Advertise a Business


Using flyers for business promotion has many hidden benefits. Below are six of the most important ones.

  1. Flyers are cheap. In fact, they are one of the cheapest ways to get your message across. Their impact can be big, and you can do a lot of things by yourself to lower the cost even more. Design, even content writing, you can do everything by yourself. Leave the distribution to some leaflet distributor such as Black White Leaflet Distribution in London and you’ve got everything covered.
  2. You can use them in many ways. Flyers advertising campaigns are good not just for promoting a business. You can use them for advertising a single product, announcing sales, events, whatever you’d like!
  3. Flyers have a big impact. If you’ve made the right design and researched target audience, using flyers for business has a big impact. Just keep in mind that this impact is short-lived. If you’re promoting a sale in your local store, do the leaflet distribution in London the same day.
  4. They are easy to produce. Some forms of marketing take up to several months for planning and preparation. On the other side, flyers advertising can be launched within 24 hours. Also, you can do most preparation without a professional.
  5. Tracking results is easy. There are many ways, such as coupon codes and flyer numbers, to track the response number. This can be done even more precisely if you’ve carefully chosen your target audience.
  6. Flyers are tangible. They provide something for people to hold in their hands, compared to blank looking at a screen. Even if a flyer is simply delivered in a mail, most people will at least glance at it. On the other hand, newsletters can go to the junk folder, and most of us never even look at pop-up commercials.


How to make the most from flyers advertising


If you want your flyers advertising campaign to work, you have to do a lot of things right. Just like with any other field of marketing, some preparation needs to be done.

First off, you have to give purpose to your campaign. Set up a goal that you should fulfill, whether it be new leads or generating traffic to your business. If you don’t know what you want to accomplish, it’s not likely that your flyer advertising will be productive.

Secondly, focus on the message that you want to spread, but also on your target audience. If you just expect to distribute as many flyers as possible to anyone, you won’t get good results. Do research beforehand and choose your target audience well. The same goes for the message that you are spreading. Focus on one, maybe two, crucial key points. This will prevent people from feeling crowded with too much information. If you are a store, don’t list all products, just a few of the most popular ones. If you are a band, list the few closest dates of your tour. Keep everything simple and short-term.

Also, you should always include a call to action. If you forget to urge your audience to act, your campaign has failed. Tell them to visit your website or store, to buy your product now, or to visit that event. Make sure that the call to action is short but dynamic and strong.

How to design flyers for business advertising


A flyer might be the first thing a new customer sees about your company. It’s of the greatest importance that you do everything you can to leave a good first impression. To do so, it’s advised to use bold colours and large headlines written in a readable but pretty font. Try to stay as unique as possible, as this will make you stand out from the crowd.

Some of the design tips we would suggest are these:

Make everything easy to read. The font should be readable, such as Helvetica, which is considered a standard in a flyer and leaflet design. The sentences should be short and clear and everything should be divided with a lot of space. If you have too much text, people won’t even try to read it.

Print in full colour instead of black and white. This will make everything look more luxurious and interesting. Keeping it black and white will make your design look cheap and dull.

Use no more than two different fonts at two or more different sizes. The larger one should be used for the headline and subheads if there are any. The smaller, plainer ones should be left for the body. And if there are more than two fonts, everything will look messy and almost unreadable.

Don’t use too many graphic items. Stick to a few powerful graphics to deliver your message and catch the audience’s attention. If you use too many pictures everything will look crowded and people will have a hard time focusing.

Good flyers for business should be eye-catching, with bright colours and bold tones. A good way to achieve this is to have a unique photo at the middle top space. Put an attention-grabbing header right underneath it. This will help you convey the right message quickly. A good tip is to also use one coloured element that will give your flyer more dimension.

Your flyer should look fun and optimistic. Unless you are required to, don’t make it look too serious. This will make everything look boring and unappealing. Always go for a more childish and fun design than opting for a dull one. Using a bit of humour might even make people want to keep your flyer for a longer time. Just be careful, as humour can be offensive for some. Try to keep everything in the tone of your business, just maybe a bit more fun.

Distribute your flyers the right way


Now that you have prepared everything, it’s time to take the final step and distribute your flyers. To do this correctly, you have to know when, where, and how to distribute your flyers to your target audience. This is why you should always research the market first. Try going in deep with information.

At the base level, you should know how old, what gender, and what income level your audience is. However, try finding out the area they live in, where and how they shop, what are their interests, and similar. This will highly improve your chance of having a successful marketing campaign.

Some of the ways to do flyer or leaflet distribution are:

  • Mail them to your audience.
  • Include them with packages or customer invoices.
  • Door-to-door.
  • Place them on cars in a parking lot.
  • Leave them behind on sales calls.
  • Insert them in a local newspaper or magazine for a better target audience.
  • Hand them out on a street – make sure that this is legal in your area beforehand!
  • Hand them out during events, trade shows, festivals, fairs, sporting events, and similar gatherings.

Make sure that you are tracking the results of every flyer distribution. This is the only way to truly calculate the success of your campaign. Also, this will help you make future plans and prevent you from printing too small – or too big – number of flyers. Keep in mind that you should always want to print your flyers in a good quality. Saving a few bucks on the printing can cause you to lose some potential customers.

How to choose the best leaflet distributors in London?

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